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The Brunswick Labyrinth

A space to inspire and promote peace and personal wellness through the use of a labyrinth/ Open to all!  

Gardening periodically throughout the year!


About Brunswick Labyrinth

Promoting Health, Peace, and Equity

Started by a grassroots group of dedicated and visionary leaders back in 2019, the Brunswick Labyrinth is now open to all who desire a break from the stresses of

day-to-day living.  

Across the world, labyrinths have been used throughout human history for prayer and meditation, reduction of stress, and as a resource for building community.

The completed labyrinth at Goodyear Park in Brunswick is a product of collaboration between the Brunswick Labyrinth Project and the City of Brunswick. 


While walking a labyrinth, many people experience slower breathing and heart rate and lower blood pressure, among numerous other benefits. Our hope is that everyone who walks this peaceful, shaded path will feel welcome, reconnected, and restored, regardless of race, wealth, religion, and personal struggles..


The Gardeners Group

Periodically, thoughout the year, volunteers will gather at the Labyrinth to clean, refresh, and plant. If you are interested in working with others to maintain the beauty of the Labyrinth contact us at

How can I find the Labyrinth!

2209 Parkwood Drive
Brunswick GA
(in Goodyear Park)

How can you help?

Help with Gardening Events

We can add you to our email list of gardening volunteers!  Contact:


Who can use the Labyrinth?

The Labyrinth is open to all on the same schedule as Goodyear Park.  Feel feel to drop by and take a walk, anytime

If you would like to schedule an EVENT at the labyrinth site, contact the City of Brunswick 

Thank you to our Contributors

Individual Financial Contributors
Person- Power and Consultative Contributors
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